About Me

People often ask me whether I was born a Medium and the answer is Yes.  As a child I had the gift of seeing and hearing things others couldn’t – this frightened me  so  I  subconsciously  blocked it out. However throughout my life I always felt I had a “friend” – a native American Indian lady and a wolf – who always seemed to guide me through difficult times. I grew up and followed various careers but nothing  seemed to be “me” and  I was continually looking for fulfilment in my work.   I  married  my wife Bernice when I was 24 and had my first child, my beautiful daughter Samantha a year later.  Four years later God blessed us with our precious son Jason.  I was very content with my life  and established a successful landscape gardening company, which we ran for many years. Throughout this period I took up my passion for martial arts and  body building and won many awards.  Unfortunately this all came to an end when I had a series of unexplained leg injuries which never fully healed.  This in turn was the demise of my successful company. Life, suddenly, became very difficult.   My wife had always had an interest in going to see medium demonstrations but had never had any messages. One evening  I was dragged along to see a well known Medium  who delivered a strange message to me. He told me I would be doing the same work as him within a few years.  I laughed and told my wife that it was a load of rubbish.  Within a week I was to receive the shock of my life.


Just brilliant. Had a fab evening and was overwhelmed with how good and interactive It was xx

Nicola Simpson

yes Patrick is very good at what he does , i have been to see him a few times and always happy with what he says, his work is brilliant x

Nichola Din

I had a one to one reading today, what a lovely man. He named a lot of my family and friends in spirit. He was kind and full of compassion. He is the real deal I now feel at peace again. Thank you to his lovley wife also what great people they both are love Maria xxx

Maz Freebabe