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We have noticed that sometimes people don’t want, or can’t afford, a full reading but desperately?want questions answered. To try and help with this I have set up this new service.

If you have a particular question(s) you need answering from Spirit then I can do my best to provide the answers. All questions will be answered from a Spiritual standpoint. I will commune with your loved ones to answer the question at hand.

This package is for 3 questions and can be any question you wish. Examples can be “Do Spirit see a baby in my future?”, “What does my passed over mum think of my new baby?”, “When will a partner come into my life?”, “Will I pass my exams/interview?”. Any question you have, I will try and answer from Spirit.

Please bear in mind that just because a Spirit is passed over does not mean they know everything.They have a better understanding than us and can see from a bigger perspective than we can but do not know everything. These answers given by Spirit are for guidance only and any major life changes should be made by yourself and yourself alone.

Once paid simply send your 3 questions to patrickthestarcentre@gmail.com along with either your full name that you ordered with or your order ID number.

I also reserve the right to refuse and refund any orders placed if I deem the question to pose a risk to you or is inappropriate.

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