Crystal Psychic Readings : 8 Crystals


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These Psychic Crystal Readings are brand new!

These readings combine two elements. The first being crystals. Crystals have a lot of energy in them and are connected to mother earth and the connecting energy. Due to this, crystals have the ability to connect with people or objects that are far away. They also act as an excellent way of communicating through spirit, especially if the crystals have been blessed and opened by a spiritual medium. ?

The second element is Spiritually created and drawn symbols. Patrick spent many hours meditating and communing with Spirit in which they showed him a variety of symbols that spiritually represent different things. It took him a long time to finally receive?the full set of symbols and manipulate them in a way in which the crystals can?harmoniously interact.?

This technique will read your life and energy to give you an overall look at the past, present and future.

This 8?crystal reading will use 8?crystals and give a in-depth and more detailed reading.?

To receive your reading all you need do is provide your full name. We will use the name given to us through payment so if you require a different?name to be used, simply email us.

Patrick will focus and meditate on the name whilst holding the crystals and then let them fall to see where they land.?

Your?full reading will be emailed over to you.?

Any questions, please message us.?

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